Self-Care – You gotta nourish to flourish!

Probably you know the pre-flight demonstration is given before the plane take off. Airline passenger are instructed about the safety features of the aircraft and how to respond in the emergency situation. Do you remember the information the flight attendant instructs you about the oxygen mask? The principal rule is to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. The key is to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. Not a lot to be gained when you passed out.

Frequently you forget about yourself, postpone your needs for later or just put yourself at the end. The purpose of this post is to convince you that self-care is not selfish. Self-care is necessary to keep your body, mind and soul in a healthy condition. Generally, when you think about taking care of yourself, first thought that comes to mind is keeping your body in shape. Exercises and healthy diet are significant, they provide to strong and fit body. Benefits associated with the physical activity are good mood, positive energy and complacency. However, you remember how important is to be active, often you care less of your mind state. Self-care does not cost time or money. Definitely, it is not egoistic to take care of yourself, to love yourself and to prioritize your happiness – it is essential! People who put others over yourself often experience stress, fatigue, burnout, anxiety and frustration. They also have health problems and their mental effectiveness is low. 

„With every act of self-care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self-care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side, each day, I am more and more on my side.” Susan Weiss Berry

You have the impression that time flies so fast… school, work, family, children, employers, society – it’s a lot! You try to deal with all the responsibilities and there’s no time for your own self? The point are priorities and effective management of time. Carefully look at yourself, know thyself and discover if you feel mentally drained. Find the best self-care practices for your life, you are a specialist of what brings you joy. The American Psychological Association defines self-care as actions like „getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right and taking breaks during the work”. I would like to add something more to this list. Something that makes you calm, happy and relaxed. Nourish your mind… yoga or meditation could help to calm your thoughts. Listening to music, reading a book or writing a journal not only make you happy but also develop your brain. 

Just don’t confuse taking care of your-self with workaholic. I remember the time when I was in the psychological treatment. I was working in two places, exercising six times per week, studying to exams, trying to keep my social life and… yes, the to-do list was pretty long. I was proud of myself and I felt like well-organized person but my therapist made me realize that it’s not self-care. I exhausted myself because the reason was to escape from my thoughts and emotions. You should spend some time with yourself if you want to be in touch with the inner self. Hear your thoughts, feel your feelings and take care of yourself. Psychological hygiene is as important as physical. What does it mean? It refers to being mindful of your psychological health. With this in mind, create your daily routine when you can rest and ponder over yourself. Shift your mindset to understand the importance of the power of self-care! Find something that helps you relax, refresh and re-center yourself. I’m sure it brings more benefits into your life.

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