Non-standard situations require non-standard solutions. In those uncertain times of the coronavirus crisis people should be together, not against each others. In my opinion, the greatest enemy we face today is not the coronavirus itself – it is the stigma that turns us against each others.

Anxiety and fear

Anxiety and fear are closely related. Both contain the idea of danger or possibility of injury. In general, fear is seen as a reaction to a specific, observable danger, while anxiety is seen as a diffuse, a kind of unfocused, objectless, future-oriented fear (Barlow, 2002). Hence, fear is anxiety that is attached to a specific thing or circumstance (Horwitiz, 2013). All emotions are needed, is a natural part of being human. They serve an adaptive role in our lives by motivating us to act quickly and take actions that will maximize our chances of survival and success. That’s why I avoid to classify emotions as positive or negative. I believe it is better to think about them as positive or difficult. However, when it comes to deal with difficult emotions it is also important to remember that emotions which are noticed and accepted could lose their value. Therefore, you can accept your negatives emotions and let yourself feel them fully then they could easier pass away. 

In times of the coronavirus crisis is adequate to feel both anxiety and fear. The situation is complicated and new for everyone. It is normal that a lot of people could feel fear and anxiety because the danger is serious. As part of the action „stay at home” many people feel uncomfortable. It could seem as a paradox but the situation is unusual. Maybe now you have a more time for thinking and for being with yourself. Less tasks give you more time for yourself. It could cause worries as well. That’s normal. Some people are characterized by high control need and it’s difficult to satisfy this need. Everything is uncertain because the situation forced us to reorganize the life immediately – what I mean like work, sport practice, relationships etc. I believe it is important to stay close together. Be supportive for our family, friends and other people. It could help both side. Even if it is not possible to stay physically, we have an Internet. Some people could live together but there’s no relationship between them, when others who are separated working on that relationship. Listen, ask open question and try to understand them – never judge. It doesn’t help to tell „don’t be scared” when somebody is scared. I that case it is better to ask „What are you afraid of?” Or „What can I do for you?”. You can also do the same for yourself. Ask yourself those questions and think if your fears are real or not? It can help you to redefine the situation.

Do not judge people, try to understand them

People very easy judge other people. It is a natural mechanism. Attributions are thoughts we have about others that help us make sense of why people do the things they do. They answer the questions ‚Why did he/she do that? or ‚Why did I do that?’ When we go through the process of answering these questions, our brains are attempting to understand the causes of social behavior. Research has found that people tend to overestimate personality and underestimate the situation when making attributions, especially with people they do not know well. Our brains are wired to make automatic judgments about others’ behaviors so that we can move through the world without spending too much time or energy on understanding everything we see.

However, usually people do it automatically, it is not good to judge others and verbalize it without understanding the perspective of that person. You never know how could be your reaction in the specific situation. Nothing regulates emotions better than closeness of other person. 

No one has ever become poor by giving

First time you can safe a humanity just staying at home 🙂 Think about that time as something valuable. Last years we complained a lot that we need more time. Now we received it. Stay at home, be with your family, relax, read, meditate etc. Resilience is a spiritual strength that can be cultivated with insight and tenderness. It is difficult to help others when you feel fear.

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