Your mental health is as important as your physical health – I always repeat is like a mantra. Moreover, it’s an important part of your well-being. This aspect of your welfare determines how you’re able to operate socially, psychologically and emotionally among others. Different circumstances may affect your mental health. The importance of mental health for people cannot be overstated. When psychological wellness is affected, it might cause negative behaviors that can not only affect personal health but can also compromise relationships with others. “Mental health is not a destination, it’s a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

No one else can heal or do your inner work for you but it doesn’t mean that you should to do it alone. Take care of yourself. When mental health is compromised, it isn’t always apparent to the individual or those around them. Even small warning signs should draw your attention e.g. switch in (daily, eating) habits, mood swings, daily task are problematic, notice reduction of energy, etc. It’s always good to contact with professionals (psychologist or psychiatric).

Because mental health is so important to general wellness, it’s important that you regularly take care of it. To keep mental health in shape, I would like to propose you 30-days Mental Wellness Challenge. This should be your monthly challenge that fits your well-being. You can follow the plan proposed by myself or make your own modifications. Only you are a specialist in your well-being, you know yourself best, you know what works for you and what doesn’t… so set your monthly plan, your goals and ways to regenerate your mental health.

How does it work? Below I attach monthly plan. Read it carefully and decide if it’s ok for you or maybe you want to modify it. You can change whatever you want, it should fit for you. Then you can download and/or print “goal-setting” plan. Think about your main goals (one or more) and write it down. Add them to our monthly challenge. For instance, my main goal for this month is to practice yoga every day. Think also about morning & evening routines. Work on your healthy habits and clean eating. Add your physical training plan, remember about regeneration and follow each day challenge tasks. Your mental health will be grateful.

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