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Less Means More

Once you need less, you will have more. I discovered it when I started travelling more and often I was changing my place. Then I realized that less is the new more and experience means more for me than material things. I was considering to become a minimalist but my love for shopping was bigger. However, I taught how to close a happiness into one luggage, I was bringing a lot for items from travels to my room in my parents’ house. Everything changed when I was starting to pack all my stuff from their house cause I decided to move out for good.

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Still I’m not sure if I’m a minimalist or maybe an essentialist… it doesn’t matter how we name it. The most important thing is that it changed my way of thinking about life. When I removed unused items I got more space for enjoying life fully. When you hear „minimalist” you probably see a person who has less than 100 items, no car, no TV, no home (no home? It actually fits me haha). Anyway, what does it mean for me? It’s not only decluttering, it’s not an empty room or empty bookshelves… it’s a philosophy. Minimalism is asking why before you buy. Items serve us, we shouldn’t serve them. When I keep an item in my hands I focus on what I feel. Does it bring me happiness? Do I need it? Is it useful or maybe it has a sentimental value for me? – I know! I sound a little like Marie Kondo!

I heard a nice sentence which describes the music: „Music is the space between the notes” Similar thing is with the happiness. In my opinion, happiness is the space between the items. All that stuff around us should make our life easier. Not overwhelm it. They let us survive and they should bring joyfulness. The trap appears when we collect more and more things. It pushes us into the fast consumerism and we can’t be happy cause we forget what is the most important in life. Material things give us happiness only for a short moment, good experiences we remember all life.

Minimalism is keeping what matters to you

Well, I’ll ask again – Am I a minimalist? To be honest, it depends on the area. I think that I am a minimalist in progress… but definitely my home library isn’t minimal! I love books and my library is bigger and bigger every year. It’s a huge problem to moving with them, so I keep half in my apartment and the second half in my parents’ house. Still I believe that one day I’ll find a nice home for my books! Well, if you wanna be a minimalist but you want to keep your books, vinyl collection or other hobby items that’s ok. Keep it! The rule tells that you can keep what matters to you.

Minimalism – because the best things in life aren’t things

I was really shocked when I was starting to declutter my closet. I thought: Oh my gosh… seriously, do I really need all those things? Clothes that I’ve never worn. Totally new and uncomfortable shoes that I bought only because lady from the store told me later they’ll be more comfortable. Or shoes which were so beautiful but actually I don’t like to use them. Drawers full of jewelry and sentimental stuff… but I believe that half of them I can get rid of my life. Remember to keep only things that you use or bring you joy.

Last time on my Instagram I told you about a social campaign organized by The Center for Prevention and Addiction Therapy in Olsztyn (Poland). You can read more about „New habit – limits” HERE. I believe people should put limits into their lives like to consume less, to buy more consciously and to waste less to protect our health and environment. It’s like to give a little gift for our planet. The air will be a little cleaner, the water a little clearer, the forest a little fuller and the land a little emptier. Moreover, the campaign tells us about the dangerous risk of drinking alcohol. The goal of the campaign is to build public awareness, to change the beliefs about drinking alcohol and the risky behaviors associated with it. Alcohol is the most destructive and at the same time the most easily available substance. It can also alter your sports performance because of how it affects the body during exercise. Firstly, it dehydrates you and secondly, alcohol interferes with the way your body makes energy. „When you’re metabolising, or breaking down alcohol, the liver can’t produce as much glucose, which means you have low levels of blood sugar. Exercise requires high levels of sugar to give you an energy.” Therefore, I decided to reduce of consuming alcohol and to stop with shopping for pleasure till end of August! Check my Instagram profile (@mentalgymbyvicky) and join to the 30-day minimalism challenge.

„Collect moments, not things…”

Basically, last month I started to buy less. I feel happier and I have more space around. I don’t feel pressure, I save money. It taught me how to enjoy the life. Cause what is the most important for me… moments, experience, memories and people – not things. It’s also not just about saving money through, it’s a nice side effect. I’m saving money but overall it’s more about getting rid of the physical possession that don’t make me smarter or happier. Well, I’m not sure if that kind of behavior can be called minimalism or not. Maybe it’s more like essentialism. Anyway I think it’s important to make right and conscious choices in the life.


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