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You can’t buy happiness but you always can go to Spain. I remember my first time in Spain, it was a love at first sight. Amazing sunny weather, delicious fresh food, tasty wine and friendly smiling people around… southern Spain is definitely my favorite part of Europe and this Spanish disease is extremely contagious.

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First time I traveled to Spain in 2012 and I’ve been visiting that country every year for last eight years. It is something catchy in this country. It attracts my soul every year once at least. When I am outside Spain my huge love to the country is cared though flamenco dancing art and learning Spanish language. Even my Bachelor’s thesis was about Catalan identity. I spent myriad hours studying Spanish and Catalan culture and it was a real pleasure for me. I was impressed by Gaudi’s architecture and every time when I go to Catalunya I admire his arts like first time.

This post is written from the airport and soon I am taking off to Malaga in Andalucia! It’s not my first time in Malaga but this time I would like to visit some new places around e.g. beautiful Ronda – a magical small town balanced on the edge of an escarpment. I am sure that the weather will not disappointed me because Costa del Sol (coast of the sun) has over 300 days of sun per year!

Today is my seventh flight this year and I realized that I love spending time at the airports. Moreover, it makes me excited when I could fly over the clouds. I feel a lot of freedom and it also gives me some time for myself. Since I remember I loved planes. My father often took me to the air shows and I continue this tradition in my adulthood. Now I have around two hours at the airport and I thought I could write something about my top three cities in Spain: Sevilla, Alicante and of course the best one – Barcelona!


Sevilla is a capital of flamenco art! When you visit the city you can feel the spirit of Duende – a mysterious, very deep emotional state which gives an inspiration. This famous city has its own original style – the characteristic colorful blue and white mosaics everywhere create an unique atmosphere. The place number one that you must see in Sevilla is the Plaza de España (the Spanish Square). It was built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 as a symbol of open arms of Spain. It looks like tiny Venice and you can rent a small boat there and sail through the river. Furthermore, the plaza might sounds familiar to you if you are a fan of Star Wars.

Another place worth to visit is the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede de Sevilla, the third largest church in the world located in the city center. In the tower of this Gothic style church is a famous bell „La Giralda” – remember to touch it and make a wish. Only with a left hand!

Definitely, I would like to recommend to visit Seville in April during the Holy Week when you can experience the biggest flamenco fiesta, meet beautiful Spanish women wearing traditional flamenco dresses and admire Spanish men on the Andalusian horses. You can also try to dance sevillanas with local people. Sevilla has the numerous of beautiful places, museums and parks worth to see so you should reserve at least two days for this city.




Let’s move to Alicante – the picturesque city located between Valencia and Cartagena which positively surprised me. I heard different opinions about the city. Some people told me that is nothing to do there, others mentioned about the original atmosphere of this small town. I was delighted when I arrived to Alicante. It has his own unique climate. The best thing is that you can discover the city by foot in one day! Moreover, my friend and I went to the top of the hill where is the Castillo de Santa Barbara by foot! The view from the hill is worth it! In every city I visit I always look for the highest point. The panorama views shows the most adorable side of the city. I could admire it in calmness and from different perspective.

When you go down to the city you can see a beautiful marina with many boats. It wasn’t crowded when I was there and you can also find there many nice cafes. The great places to stop for a moment and drink tasty wine and try famous Spanish tapas.


The last city I would like to introduce you is Barcelona! Definitely my favorite place in the world (on a par with LA). This city has a magical power, before you look back it comes in under your skin and steals your soul. The capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is a city made to dazzle its visitors. Here, amazing architects who build the buildings, the parks and the sculptures that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration.

Starting a little unusually, I wanna mention the place I’ve never been before. I don’t get how it happened but always something stopped me to visit the Bunkers del Carmel. I promised myself it will be the first place I’ll visit when I go to Barcelona next time. I saw this place only on the pictures but the view from the Bunkers del Carmel looks amazing. It seems me the Runyon Canyon (in Los Angeles), a viewpoint where you can admire the whole panorama city of Barcelona. It’s only 20 minutes walking from the Parc Guell!

Yeah, the Parc Guell is another must-see place in Barcelona. I was there a few times because I found there all what I love the most: a beautiful nature, a calmness, a fairy tale architecture of Gaudi and a wonderful view from the top of the hills. Outside the tourist season is a prefect place to read a book. Unfortunately, you have to pay if you want to get in the central part of the Parc Guell. I remember times when it was for free.

I also wanna mention the Razzmatazz. Most of you probably have no idea what is that place. It’s the best place when you want to see your favorite band live or drink a good beer with friends. It’s a huge area with a 5 different spaces to satisfy a wide variety of the musical tastes.

About the Barcelona I can talk hours, but my flight is soon and I have to finish this post. I hope that I enthused you with a passion to Spain. ¡Hasta luego!

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